Trade Show Graphics

A trade show can be a hectic experience. Not only can there be a large number of vendors trying to edge you out, but potential clients often are so overwhelmed by sheer size of the convention center and the onslaught of exhibitors trying to pull them into their display booth area. So you can see why it’s important to have an edge against the competition and this can be done through the use of well designed vibrant looking trade show graphics. Think about it unless you have true custom exhibit your display will have similar features to other exhibitors and one of the best ways to standout is through the use of graphics.

When you are surrounded by the ruckus of a crowded showroom, the one thing that has a chance to stand out above it all is the graphics you use. Think about it the graphics are the “face” of your trade show display and viewers will often illicit certain ideas of what your business is all about before you even have the chance to converse with them.  As such, it is important that you take time to consider what exactly you’re trying to get across with a trade show graphic.

Remember that trade show display graphics are often the most important element toward garnering interest in what you have to say. Large format prints and dimensional lettering can really draw the eye towards your display. Banner stands can help promote your company and introduce your products and services to potential clients.

Remember that trade show graphics represent the way you want to your brand or message to be remembered, so make decisions regarding design wisely. This means don’t just take the overall look into consideration, but also the way you present that look.

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Conserve Money With Portable Pop Up Displays

Both economics and utility combine when pop up displays are put to use by a savvy trade show exhibitors.

Use a pop up display at your next appearance at a trade show, convention, or business event — such a display is both eye-catching, inexpensive, and easy to maintain, especially when you consider the alternatives. Built from lightweight components and made to last, a pop up display can incorporate whatever graphics you wish to use.

Portability has become the main requirement for display products used in all trade show booths. Portable displays can be easily shipped, and need very little storage space. The frames are easy to transport, assemble, and disassemble. Pre-fit fabric panels with customized graphics can be added with very little effort. Special accessories and color lighting can be added to give your booth the maximum impact on the trade show floor.

Pop up displays work better at attracting prospects to your booth than any simple banner stand ever could. Pop up displays come in full-floor or table-top versions — you can even combine a floor model with one or more tabletop models. And you’re not limited to one size for such portable trade show displays — pop up displays come in many sizes.

A pop up display is simply a great business choice by any trade show exhibitor.

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The Growth of Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor marketing has been a highly effective means of advertising for many years, but the method has seen a dramatic increase recently. The practice serves to advertise targeted items for sale in the store, but also serves as an “attention getter” in most forms. There are several standbys for outdoor marketing devices.

Outdoor banner stands, along with colorful banners, are a very efficient means of suggested sales. It informs the potential customer of special deals inside the store. They also make for an attractive storefront, utilizing all curbside space available for advertising.

Another effective means of outdoor marketing is sidewalk signs. Once again, color is important to attract customers who may not necessarily be shopping. The purpose of advertising, of course, is to get the customer inside the store. You can get their attention from the sidewalk, but the object is to get them through the sales register isles.

Advertising flags are another good way to attract attention. Without displaying the merchandise directly outside, which is the standard outdoor display method, the signs serve as a replacement for the merchandise and can often be a better method of advertising in terms customer attraction.

Getting the shopper through the door who had no intention of shopping is clearly the purpose. Hopefully, you will be successful with any particular form of outdoor marketing. Utilizing the store front is critical to maximization of sales.

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